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Joodmedicenter for Production and Training was established in 2016, located mainly in Istanbul, Turkey.

The center employs qualified staff with high experience in the field of training. Through its specialized training courses, the center is keen on applying the latest training curricula by competent trainers, able to transfer their expertise and theoretical sciences into an applied subject, to enable the trainees and develop their creativity and media skills professionally to benefit from them on the ground and it offers training courses in all media and technical specialties related to television, radio and journalism work.

  •  TV presentation courses
  •  Journalism courses
  •  Radio courses
  •  Photography and lighting courses
  •  Sound Engineering courses
  •  Production courses
  •  Montage courses
  •  Directing courses
  •  Acting courses
  •  Documentary filmmaking
  •  animation
  •  Dubbing and voiceover


It seeks to establish partnerships with important training institutions to achieve a distinguished presence in the field of production. The center seeks to be a pioneer in the field of television and radio production, documentary and film production, animation and dubbing, through its cooperation with the most important technical personnel.