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Our Center works to be a pioneer in the field of television production, documentary production, film production, animation and dubbing; by cooperation with the most important technical staff.

Achieving quality and professionalism in media training and production this is our vision.

Improving the media reality by producing meaningful and distinctive content. In addition to creating a generation of media professionals with an academic culture, this is our strategy.

News Services

Jood Media Center offers unique news services. Especially as we have a news department that includes many of the distinguished press competencies. The department works to provide partners with daily events reporting and news stories for television stations by providing a permanent reporter for the station in the Turkish areas requested by the station.

Documentary Production

Jood Media Center works on the production of Documentaries using the latest technology to produce the best quality films.

Dubbing & VO

Jood Media Center offers dubbing and VO services in Arabic. English, and Turkish using only the best voice talent, artistic directors, script writers and sound engineers.

Translation Services

All our translators have good experience translating audiovisual content.
We work with the necessary specialists to offer complete re-adaptations for culture-sensitive translations, creating synchronized, culture and language-specific text.
They are all experienced working directly with special subtitling software.

Post Production Services

We provide audio and video editing, mixing, graphics.

Satellite Broadcasting

Jood Media Center provides live broadcast services in all its forms, especially broadcast the event as it happens, broadcast reports or broadcast live interviews from inside our center`s studios equipped with the latest technical means.

Programs Service

Our Center has the responsibility to implement all the dialogue programs, registration programs and live programs. Our center has also a studio equipped with modern cameras and developed devices that serve work and fast achievement.