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TV Presentation

Fame and stardom of the TV people often constitute a seduction source for everyone to know about the world of television and why not fought the experience of presentation. Some do it out of curiosity to know about the details of this exciting job and some do it out of conviction that he or she is fit to become one day a presenter in a TV channel.

Course Outline

• Introduction to TV: 
– The studio and the newsroom.
– The relationship between the presenter and the editorial and technical teams.
– Role of the TV presenter.
• Qualities of the presenter: 
– Charisma, presence and voice.
– Serenity, promptness and concentration.
• Skills of TV presentation: 
– Language and expression proficiency.
– Diction and voice concentration.
– Good interlocutor and control of the subject.
– Good control of the body language and readiness to contingencies.
– Dealing with the Autocue, the speaker, and the relationship with the director.

Course Benefits

– A Graduation certificate by Aljazeera Media Institute.